Health Action Plans with HealthFirst Liverpool

We’ve had a great session with Suzanne Robinson and Vivien Mansfield from Merseycare thinking about:

– What we have learned

– What changes we have made in our lives

– What changes we are going to make

– Who is going to help us

It was great and we all agreed that we will review these together.

Things that people have said were:

“The cancer books were fantastic, whether you can read or not they are really useful.”

“The shared learning between staff when they are in team meetings – it makes a real difference in our house.”

“I loved the breathing exercises – we are going to do relaxation in People First now.”

“Everyone is supporting each other and encouraging each other, it’s great.”

“I’m making salads to bring in – I’ve never done that before, people are noticing and encouraging me to keep on eating healthy.  It’s what we all need.”

This course has been fabulous – we are a great team and we’ve loved working with Vivien and Suzanne.


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