Friends and Voices Choir

On Monday 8th June 2015 we had another SUPERB choir session with our Friends and Voices Choir.  Our amazing Choir Lead Jan Cullen has set a great program for the day.

We begin with our warm up exercises and then sang in harmony.  This week we sang “London’s Burning”.

We practised “Happy” for the Concert on the 11th July  and learnt “Don’t You Worry Child.”

We had our karaoke King and Queen challenge and this week we had solo’s from Sarah singing “Trouble”, Eddie Rauer singing Dusty Springfield, Lesley singing “Teddy Bear by Elvis and Kat sang “All About the Base.”

It was a great session!

Katrina said “It’s lovely to see everyone together and wonderful to sing in a group with my friends.”

Susan said “Jan is nice and I love singing.”

Shirley said “It’s given me so much confidence singing with my friends – I can’t wait for the Concert on the 11th.”

We can’t wait for next week – to see videos check out the People First Merseyside Facebook page.


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