Friends and Voices Choir Rock It Out!

Every Monday at 2pm our Friends and Voices Choir meet at the MPAC Building and have a FABULOUS time.  We begin with our vocal warm ups and then singing in rounds and harmonies.

We then practised for our concert on the Saturday 11th July at 2.30pm in St George’s Hall – if you would like a ticket call 0151  707 6751 they are selling fast!  We are supporting the In Another Place Gospel Choir and will be singing “Happy” and “Don’t You Worry Child!”.  It is going to be fantastic!

We then sang Happy Birthday to Derek who will be 74 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK!

We practised “Stand By Me” by Ben E King which was new and was amazing.

After our break we had our Karaoke Challenge and Susan sang “Bind Us Together” to the group.  Susan said “I was a bit nervous, but I love singing.”

Derek sang “My Bonny Lies Over The Ocean” beautifully and everyone enjoyed listening to him.

Shirley sang “Billy don’t be a Hero”.  Shirley said “I never used to sing in front of people, but I love it, I love standing up and singing to the group and everyone is so supportive and encouraging – I think Jan is great.”

Geraldine Crawley sand “Let It Go” as the finale for the day and was superb and put her heart and soul into the performance.  Geraldine had invited her friend Nicola along for the first time today and Nicola said “I didn’t know what to think, but I’ve really enjoyed it and I’d like to sing in St George’s Hall with everyone.”

It was a great day – thank you to everyone who is a part of the choir – you all do an amazing job, work hard and support each other.

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