Congratulations to EVERYONE for Completing the HealthFirst Course!

On Tuesday 30th June we had our celebration for everyone who has completed the HealthFirst Course and it was AWESOME!

As a group we have been working really hard to prepare our presentation that we wanted to give.  We decided who would do what bit of the presentation and who should introduce it and it was ok if people didn’t want to speak.

Derek welcomed everyone on the day and Tracy and Lisa presented to everyone about what the group have been doing over the past few months.  It has been fun, but it has been hard work and we have supported each other to make changes in our lives and helped each other to improve our health.

Susan stood up and told the group that she doesn’t drink the red coke anymore but the silver one and she is drinking lots of water.  She said that she likes the line dancing too.

We watched the video of line dancing and everyone said it was really good.  Barbara is our teacher and she had come to our celebration today and it was wonderful for her to come and support us.  We wanted Barbara to see that although we only see her once a week it is making a huge difference in our lives and we love line dancing.

We watched a video of us playing boccia.  It was really good and Rhiannon from Healthiness Ltd had come to see the group celebrate and she has organised for us to have boccia and we love it – it gets very competitive at times.  Derek introduced the boccia video and showed us how to through the ball.

Shirley stood up in front of the group and told us about her health journey.  She told us that she is able to stand and join in with zumba and line dancing for longer without her walking aids as much and it is a huge achievement.  Shirley said “It has really taken me out of my comfort zone.”

Jo Parry from Active Me is our zumba teacher and the class is really upbeat and full of energy – it was great to see the video of everyone doing zumba.

Suzanne Robinson and Vivien Mansfield who are from Merseycare and Primary Healthcare Facilitators presented the group with their certificates.  Suzanne said “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the group, it has been an amazing course and people have surprised me with the changes they have made to improve their health and inspired me to do the same.”

Tracy said afterwards “I’ve not stood up in front of people to give a presentation since I was in school.  I was  bit nervous but I have been practising lots and I was practising it to my mum last night.  Once I got into it I felt fine and I really enjoyed it.  I’ve loved being on the course.”

We will be running the health course again later in the year and we already have lots of people saying they would like to get involved – if you are interested in getting involved with this, line dancing, boccia, zumba or anything else we are doing with the HealthFirst Liverpool group please get in touch on 0151 707 6751.

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