Chillaxing with the HealthFirst Liverpool Group

Today was our 2nd relaxation session – and some of us REALLY needed it after the strains and stresses of the Wirral Walk yesterday.

This week we made the room a little darker, we lit more candles and we tried some different relaxation – to the sounds of the country – it was like being in a country field and feeling very peaceful with the sound of the birds, the running water and bees buzzing round the flowers and trees it felt very calming.

Adam said “It felt great, I feel asleep for a little while and I feel really relaxed now.”

Derek said “I really enjoyed it.”

Shirley said “I prefer it when there is some talking and they take you on a journey.”

We have our relaxation sessions every other week and we will try other tapes and bring in our own.  It was lovely to relax, let our worries float away and support each other to relax and enjoy the experience.

IMG_4287 IMG_4288

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