Chillaxing in Liverpool!

As part of the Health Training we have been taking part in run by Vivien Mansfield and Suzanne Robinson of Merseycare – one of the weeks we talked about our emotions and feelings and how we deal with them.  Lots of the group had said it is hard to relax sometimes.  Bethan Roberts came to talk to us about why we feel the ways we do sometimes, and what we can do.  At the end of the session she did some relaxation and everyone agreed that they really enjoyed it.

The group decided that they would like to try and do some relaxation sessions so they decided that every other Monday we would have a go.  On Monday 15th June we had our first try.  We darkened the room, lit some candles, sat comfortably and drifted away.  People said:

“I didn’t mind it – that would be for me.”

“That was dead relaxing – I’d definitely do it again, I feel asleep on the comfy chair.”

“I think I fell asleep it makes you stop and thin.”

“It was good for you it is helping with the tension.”

We can’t wait for the next session!


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