Boccia – Improving Our Health and Wellbeing!

Healthiness Ltd have been supporting the HealthFirst Liverpool Group by providing us with a Boccia instructor every Monday at 11am.  we usually have the wonderful Josh and last week while he was on holiday we had the fantastic Amy – all our members think the coaches are great.

Boccia is a game of skill and as everyone plays it sat down – everyone is equal.  Because of this all of our members can join in and have an equal chance of throwing the winning ball closest to the jack.  It also creates a SUPERB sense of competition as we split into 2 teams – sometimes boys v girls, sometimes the slightly more mature v the slightly younger members – it is all in good fun and there is a fantastic sense of fun, support from each other to win, support for each other when you don’t throw so well!  It is truly proving to be an amazing hour each week and more people are coming as it is about having fun, supporting each other and real health advocacy.



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