Boccia Battle!

This week’s boccia was a battle between old and young.  After the thrashing the young people had a couple of weeks ago – this week they meant business.  After a lot of hard fought matches the young people emerged victorious narrowly winning by 1 game – well done to Eric, Kyle, Nicola and Adam!

This week Amy from Healthiness led the session as Josh is on his holidays and it was lovely to meet her.  She brought a ramp along so we had a little go with that.  Our ex-England Boccia Champion Lisa Frith was challenged as her boccia balls were swapped with bean bags for one match.  This really evened the playing field and stretched Lisa’s throwing arm to its limits!

Well done to everyone – and it is great to have so many of our young members coming along and joining in the fun.  If you would like to find out more call 0151 707 6751

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