Art Advocacy At The Bluecoat with the Road Ahead

Kyle, Kat, Lewis, Eric, Adam,Sarah and Ash are a part of the Blueroom Transition Steering Group.  At the last meeting we decided that we are going to be involved with the ‘Missing’ project.  This is a national project being run up and down the country for other young people.

We had the opportunity to chose which artists we wanted to work with on the Missing Project.  We decided that we wanted to work with the Rapper “Juggernaut” who is a rapper and drummer.  He is going to be doing drama, rap and drumming with us over the summer.  As a group we chose Juggernaut as some of us play the drums, some of us are into rap and some of us want to do the drama so this was the perfect choice.

We decided when the training was going to be, we agreed what direction the project will go in and we are all really excited bout it.

Our Co-Chair  said “This is a fantastic example of advoacy as people form the Road Ahead have experiences that we share with young people and we enable them to speak up through art.”

The course will end in 2 people being chosen to travel the country to be involved in the Missing project nationally – a huge opportunity.  Good luck to everyone involved!

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