The HealthFirst Group Talk about Skin and Lung Cancer

Today Suzanne Robinson who is a Learning Disability Healthcare Facilitator for Merseycare came to the group to talk to us about Skin Cancer and Lung Cancer.

Merseycare have produced some fantastic easy read booklets about these cancers that really helped the group to understand the subjects better.

Most of the group said that they had been sun burnt at least once in their lives and everyone said that since then they have made sure that they where sun cream and are more careful as it was painful.

It was a really interesting session and people said:

“Today I’ve learnt that if I’m not happy with what the GP says, I’ll go and ask to see another one.  I know my body the best.”

“You need to look out for any changes in your moles, in their colour, or shape or if they bleed – and get to the doctors.”

“The one most important thing you can do to reduce your chance of lung cancer is to give up smoking, drink less, exercise more and eat the right food.”

Our Health Champions have now received 12 weeks of training and are nearing the end of the course.  It has been really educational learning about different aspects of health.  We will be having a graduation at the end of June.

Thank you to Suzanne Robinson and Vivien Mansfield from Merseycare for running this course.

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