Sefton Get Involved – Health


On Friday 8th  May we held our Get Involved Group at Sandbrook Centre in Ainsdale. The theme was health, Tracy Reed came along ans talked to us about health checks, health  screening for cancer, health passports and how we can stay healthy.

We watched to DVD’s one was about going for a health check at the doctors and the other was about the confidential inquiry in to the deaths of people with learning disabilities as a result iof not being treated right by health services. the group found both very interesting and they provoked lots of discussion.

We also did some group work arouind how we stay healthy, what cancer screeniong we know about and why it is important to have an annual health  check, we really enjoyed it.


We also had an update around the Autism strategy for Sefton and an update about the changes to day services in Sefton.


It was a fantastic meeting very busy and very informative.


Check out the pictures  

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