Road Ahead Training Session 3 – FABULOUS!

The Road Ahead have just completed their 3rd training session.  A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Peer Advocate trainers Ash and Natalie for delivering a superb session.

Today we talked about friendships and good and bad friends.  We played the “What Would You Do?” Game which Gabby won – she was thrilled and LOVED her prize!

Yesterday was Laura’s birthday and she loved the card and cake that we brought her – she was very happy and suprised.

It was great day and people said:

“I’ve really enjoyed today.  I loved doing the worksheets and talking to everyone about my friends.”

“I enjoy making friends with other people on the course.”

One parent said “It was great to see everyone being included and fully involved.”

A support worker said “It was great to see people speaking up for themselves and doing their own writing on their own sheets.”

Watch this space for next weeks training around keeping safe.

IMG_3282 IMG_3263


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