Road Ahead – It’s All About the Money, Money Money!

Yesterday the Road Ahead peer trainers delivered training about money.  The trainers were Natalie and Ash and it was the first time they had delivered this training session.   Natalie and Ash were both worried and excited before they began – they didn’t need to worry.  The session went really well and the comments our trainers received were fantastic.  People on the course said:

– Ash and Nat did very well today – their presentations were good

– It helped me learn how to budget my money better

– I really enjoyed doing the budget challenge on the laptop

– I liked choosing a £10 for the question

– I worked with Paul it was good working in twos and we stayed on task

One of the support staff said  “todays training was really helpful to help people understand the importance of paying bills before having hobbies etc”

On the day we talked about essential and non-essential spending and set everyone a spending challenge on the laptops – it was great fun – but not as easy as people first thought – where does all the money go!!!

A big thank you to Edel who has been on the course and is going on holiday for 2 weeks – we would like to thank her for her hard work and committment and hope to hear all about her holiday when she gets back!

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