Liverpool HealthFirst Talk About – Understanding What Mental Health Is

As part of our series of training today Bethan Roberts who is a Pscyhologist came to talk to the group to help us understand what mental health is.

Some of the session was quiet difficult and everyone agreed that we struggled to be honest when we talk about our own feelings.

Bethan asked us to think about what makes us feel:

~ Happy

~ Sad

~ Angry

Bethan asked us if it is good to feel these emotions sometimes.  Geraldine said it isn’t good or bad it is the fact that we are all human beings.

Bethan explained that if we don’t let our feelings out what happens is we feel angrier or more upset inside and it explodes – a bit like when you keep shaking up a bottle of pop.  Bethan asked us to think of what we can do when we have these feelings.

It was a really interesting and full session and we talked in depth about lots of issues.

Bethan finished the session with some relaxation which people really enjoyed.

One person said “It is good to learn about mental health and the stigma of it, but as long as we all have each other we will be fine.”

Thank you to Bethan for coming in to talk to us.

IMG_3347 IMG_3344 bethan

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