HealthFirst Health Champion – Patrick Burke

My name is Patrick Burke and I’ve been a member of People First Merseyside for 27 years.  I’ve been on the HealthFirst Course since it began in February and I’ve made lots of changes in my life.  My main goal was to lose weight.  I have lost a lot of weight and I am really pleased when people say “Paddy, your looking really good – where has the rest of you gone?”  I was at the Regional Forum and everyone was saying how well I am looking.

It’s not easy to lose weight.  I’ve made lots of changes in my life.

I have never liked drinking water, I never liked the taste but Vivien was telling us about how important drinking water is.  I used to drink orange juice and things.  So first of all I changed to flavoured waters.  Now when I am exercising I have plain water.  I drink a small one of them every day and a large flavoured water.  I used to drink lots of coffee and now I only have one or two cups a day.

I’m eating better, I eat lots of greens, cauliflower, cabbage and I’m eating lots of fruit.

I know that a man shouldn’t drink more than 2 pints of beer a day so I’ve cut down on how much I drink and I feel lots better.

I’m doing extra exercise, every week I do line dancing and zumba – I’m really proud when I see the videos of us all doing it – we are getting better.  Twice a week I walk home which is 2 miles and I feel better for it.  We are now practising for the Wirral Walk and I feel like I’m getting fitter.

We have talked about lots of different types of cancer and I know what I need to look out for – for different signs and if I thought I had something wrong with me I’d just get straight to the doctors to find out.

I’m really glad I was on the Health Course and I’ve made lots of changes in my life.


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