Liverpool HealthFirst talk about Cancer

On Tuesday 28th May 2015 the Liverpool HealthFirst group talked about cancer.  The session was led by Vivien Mansfield and Suzanne Robinson – Healthcare Facilitators for Merseycare.

Before the meeting began we went through the ground rules and reassured everyone that if they began to feel upset they could leave the room and go to the quiet area – Cancer is a very hard topic to talk about but it is really important.

We talked about Prostate Cancer and Bowel Cancer.

There was lots of things people said they had learnt today.  People said that they had been worried about things in the past – but they had been to see a doctor and it wasn’t cancer.

The most important thing is you know your body and if you notice any changes then you must see your doctor – do not be embarrassed.

We watched a video clip on how to take a sample for the bowel cancer screening.  Someone said that they had not done their screening when it came through the post last time as they didn’t understand it.  They now understand what they need to do.  If people are not sure they can ask their support, their family or someone they trust to read through and explain anything they are unsure of.

Because it is such an important subject we will be talking about breast cancer, cervical cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer and sun beds at future sessions.  Merseycare have some really great accessible booklets on all of these subjects.

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