Healthy Eating with the Health Champions

On Tuesday 17th March Vivien Mansfield, Primary Health Care Facilitator for Merseycare organised for Andy Buchan a Health Trainer from PSS came along to talk to the group about Healthy Eating.

It was a superb session and we learned lots of different things.

People were surprised at portion sizes – particular pasta and cheese and lots of people said they thought they could have more.

The VAT of FAT was a surprise too – especially the amount of fat in takeaways.

We talked about food swaps and the changes we could make.  Lots of people already use the green semi skimmed milk and use sweeteners instead of sugars.

People thought it was interesting that baking and grilling food would be better than frying and said they will try that.

It was a fabulous session thank you to Vivien of Merseycare and Andy from PSS for such a great morning.

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