HealthFirst Liverpool Reports to the Board of Directors

On Monday 27th April the new HealthFirst Liverpool Project had to make its first report back to the People First Merseyside Board of Directors.  This was to let them know how the project is going and for the Directors to ask questions.

Patrick who is on the Board gave the presentation and wasn’t nervous at all and told the Board what was working well.  Jo Bruce the paid worker for the project supported Patrick and felt a bit anxious.

It doesn’t seem like we have been running for 4 months already.  It was good to think about the things that we have achieved.  So far we have:

~ Had our launch event Sports Day organised by Active Me and attended by over 60 people that was fantastic!

~ We have Vivien Mansfield from Merseycare facilitating a 12 week course around all aspects of health which is really interesting and informative

Every week we are doing:

– Boccia delivered by Josh from Healthiness Ltd

– Line dancing led by Barbara our volunteer

– zumba with our instructor Jo from Active Me

Plus lots of other work – easy read consultations, meetings, journals.  We are working really hard.

The Board were very supportive and pleased with all the different things the HealthFirst Group are doing and Paul and Lesley of the Sefton group are coming along to zumba in a few weeks time!

Thank you to the Board for all your help and support.



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