HealthFirst Liverpool Learn about Dental Health

On Tuesday 31st March 2015  we are talked about Dental Health and Liz Pazzar came to talk to us.

We talked about why it is important to have good dental health:

– for eating

– for talking – so we know what people are saying

– for smiling

– helps us with our general health.


We looked at pictures of Liz teeth that had “disclosing dye” on them people were shocked that that some parts of the teeth were not as clean as they looked.

Liz said you just need to make sure it has fluoride in it and that you use a pea sized blob.

Also make sure that when you spit the toothpaste out you do NOT rinse with water. The fluoride can continue to work and not be washed away.

We need to make sure we use a toothbrush that isn’t too big or too hard. We need to make sure we brush all the surfaces of all the teeth.

We talked about healthy snacks we could have instead instead:

– Apples

– Oranges

– Pears

– Bread Sticks

– Toast

– Cheese

– Milk

– Water

– Carrot Sticks

We then had to guess how many teaspoons of sugar were in different drinks. Water is the best as there is no sugar.

It was a great session and we learned so much – thank you to Vivien Mansfield at Merseycare for organising this fantastic course and for Liz Pazzar.

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