HealthFirst Liverpool Hygiene Training Session

On Tuesday 24th March Vivien Mansfield from Merseycare ran the 6th Health Champion Training Session around Hygiene.  The skin is the biggest organ in the body and it is really important that we look after it.

It was really interesting as it isn’t just about keeping clean.  Being clean is about how we feel inside.  When we are down we don’t feel like getting dressed, having a wash, brushing our teeth and it is important that we do.

Why do we need to have good personal hygiene?

– Washing yourself keeps your body clean and healthy.

– Keeping clean can boost your self confidence and self esteem.

– By being clean and tidy you are showing a positive body image to your friends

– Good hygiene is the most effective way to reduce the chance of getting an infection.


We talked about what happens when we don’t have good personal hygiene too.

We used the “germ powder” and the UV lights to see how germs and dirt spreads and everyone really enjoyed the session.


At the end of the session people said:

– It was good to learn about washing your hands – you think they are clean and they are not.

– Getting showered everyday is important and making sure your comb and hairbrush are clean too

– It is important to keep smart and tidy and smell nice

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