Another Fabulous training session!

Today we completed our series of training sessions for health professionals working within Southport and Ormskirk Hospital Trust.

The training sessions were about disability awareness, we have trained approximately 60 health professionals including:

* Orthopaedic nurses

* Wheelchair services

* Audiologist

* Registered nurses

* Physiotherapists

* Student Nurses

* Diabetes specialist

Our team used a role play to demonstrate how people have been treated when they go to hospital and the barriers that people with a learning disability face. We looked at communication, sharing information and discussions based on scenarios around Mental Capacity Assessment and Deprivation or Liberty Safeguards.

The training was a success really well received by everyone who attended.  We have had some great feedback in our evaluations, here are just a few of the quotes: “Great training to help to change my perspective of learning disability in healthcare.”

“Excellent, entertaining and informative – the trainers supported each other really well.” 

“We should be encouraging managers to have individual department training sessions, more members of staff attend these training sessions.”

“This training should be done as part of induction it was very useful as a student nurse as adult nurses do not get much training around learning disability as part of their training.”

“Thank you – a very interesting way of delivering a course, you made it good fun, relaxed and informative, keep up the good work!”

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