What a busy day!

We have had such a busy day today at our Health First Liverpool group.  We started off this morning with the second session of our Health Champions training course.  Today we learnt all about medication.

Dave Hitchin, a pharmacist came along with Viv Mansfield to tell us that there are so many types of medication that can be taken in different ways.  Some people take lots of medication, some don’t know what their medication is for, some people keep taking medication that they no longer need.

We learnt that it is important to:

Go for an Annual Health Check

Ask for a medication review every year or so

Don’t be scared to ask your doctor if you are not sure what your medication is for

Ask about the side effects of any medication the doctor gives you.

This afternoon we had another Line dancing session with Barbara – we are getting so good at the dances that we got through 6 in 1 hour.  The line dancing is fantastic, it really helps to get us moving and keeps us fit.  Anyone is welcome to come and join us at our line dancing sessions so make sure you come along.IMG_0013IMG_0002IMG_0047IMG_0039

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