Moving Forward on the Road Ahead

On Wednesday 28th January the Road Ahead group held our Steering Group meeting in our Liverpool offices in the MPAC building for the first time.  We agreed that the offices are fantastic and would like to meet in MPAC each week. Ashley and Laura from Talent Match at Merseyside Youth Association came along to talk to 2 of our members to look at finding volunteering jobs.  Our members are feeling really positive and excited about working with Talent Match.  A big thank you to Ashley and Laura for coming by on such a cold and windy day. We began working on our next Training Course and talked about:

– what skills a good trainer needs

– who would like to be a trainer

– what skills they have for the job

We had a quick diary meeting and found out about the Spring Dine ‘n’ Dance at The Mons on Wednesday 11th March.  This is going to be an amazing fundraiser for People First Merseyside and we can’t wait to go and have a really enjoyable evening with all our friends.  Tickets will be £20.  To find out more call 0151 707 6751.

We’ve had such a superb day – can’t wait for our next steering group meeting.

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