Line Dancing Lads and Lasses!

Tuesday 27th January 2015 was our 2nd Line Dancing session and it was even more fun than the last.  We were all feeling a bit more confident now we knew what to expect.  We practised the first song that we learnt last week “Elvira” and we learnt a new song “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain.  It was great exercise and lots of fun.

We had a bit of a free-styling 5 minutes to “Just Want to Dance the Night Away” by the Mavericks which was filled with big smiles and laughter.

Thank you to our instructor Barbara and we can’t wait to find out what song we are learning next week.  Thank you to all the staff at MPAC for all their help.   Patrick the Chair of our group said “This is great exercise, it really gets the heart rate going and everyone is enjoying themselves.”

To find out more why not come along!  Please ring 0151 707 6751


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