Wonderful World Museum

On Tuesday 11th November 2014 members of the Liverpool Group went to the World Museum and it was a fantastic day.  Many of the group hadn’t been to them museum in a long time and had forgotten just how amazing it is.

Lisa said “it’s really interesting.  I remember when I was a kid there was a box that said ‘most dangerous animal in the world’ and when you opened it there was a mirror!  I’ve really enjoyed today.”

The exhibits from around the world were spectacular and seeing the intricate beadwork of the North American Indians was really interesting.

The exhibition Snakes Alive was a lot of fun. There was an interactive game where you had to stamp on the snakes to score – we didn’t do that well when we were alone but as a team we got a great score of 89.

It was a great day out and a hidden gem right on our doorstep!


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