Good News – Our New Project ‘HealthFirst Liverpool’

We are pleased to announced that our Liverpool Group have an exciting new project funded by Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group Healthy Liverpool Fund called “HealthFirst Liverpool”.  We will be based back in the MPAC Building – which we are all excited about.  We will be open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and the aims of the group will be:

We will be Health Champions

We will be learning about our own health

We will be working with other organisations to improve our health.

We will be training other people with learning disabilities about the key health messages we have learned.

We will be trying exciting new health activities

We will be user led and the project will develop as our advocates wish it to

We will have fun

We will speak up for  ourselves

If you want to get fit and healthy in 2015 whilst having fun and learning along the way then please get in touch!  You can either call 0151 707 6751 or email





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