Disability Awareness Training at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital

Last week one of our training teams delivered Learning disability Awarenss Training to health professionals who work at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital.

Our job was to raise awareness of the barriers people may  face when going to the hospitals Accident and Emergency Department.

  The team members Geraldine Crawley, Lisa Frith and Lesley Curran did a great job acting and supporting the group through the training,We used drama to help get the message across as well as an exercise in communication to help the group understand about how important it is to pass on the right information.

We got some greatfeedback from the people who attended the training including:

“Really great training to help to change the perspective of Learning disability in healthcare.”

“Thank you so much,I haven’t enjoyed an afternoons training in a long time. Everything was so well done an very informative, thanks.”

“Informative and well delivered,I will endeavour to remember to treat people as individuals.”


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