The Road Ahead Election Results September 2014

Each year the Road Ahead hold elections to decide who will be Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and the Timekeeper.

We thanked everyone for all their hard work last year and everyone had to stand down and then if they wanted to stand again they could.  People had to tell the group why they would be good at the jobs.

3 people stood for Chair.  It was a tie  twice so the group decided that instead of having a Chairperson and a deputy we would have 2 co-chairs to share the role.

In his speech MB  said “I have truly enjoyed my role and have made many new friends. I think people listen to me and respect me. We all work really well together to get our jobs done. We are an excellent group who all support and help each other. It has been fun working with the group.”   In her speech Ash said “I think I could fulfil the role of Chairperson with the qualities I have which are I am determined, confident, friendly, helpful and a good listener.”



Kyle Burns was voted as the new Secretary and he also gave a speech about why he would be good at the job.  Kyle told the group “I am helpful and friendly, I will do a fabulous job, I will be professional and I will be well organised.”




Lewis who is new to our group and completed the 3rd training course decided to stand for time keeper and told everyone “I am good at telling the time.  I am nice.  I am reliable. I am kind.  I am friendly.”    Lewis was voted as Time keeper.




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