Inez from Healthwatch – thank you for coming!

Inez Bootezgel from Healthwatch came to see the group.  We have met with Inez before and she has been great coming along to consult with our group.

Inez told us that our health and our care are important.  Health services are things like:

healthwatch logo

– Doctors

– Nurses

– Hospital

– Ambulances

– Opticians

– Dentists


Care services are things like care homes and care workers.

– Healthwatch is there to:

– Help us all to understand what our health and care choices are

– To listen to what you have to say about your health and care

The group wanted to know why there were no people with a learning disability on the different groups and boards.  Inez said that she would help us to find out.  Inez said that she would help us to meet with Dave Antroboss.  He is  “lay member” of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who decides what services the CCG should buy.    Inez said he would be able to answer our questions.

Inez told us how important it was to speak up about any services we receive and we can always speak to her.

Health and care services are there to help us stay well, look after us when we are sick and help us to stay safe.

We thanked Inez for coming and for a great meeting.

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