Drum Head Service at Exchange Flags – 14th September 2014

On Sunday 14th September 2 members of People First Merseyside Liverpool Group had the honour of attending the Drum Head Service at Exchange Flags to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of World War One.  Patrick Burke and Lisa Frith are self advocate representatives on the Liverpool Learning Disability Making it Happen Partnership and were invited to attend the service.  Lisa Frith said “it was very emotional service and really made me think that we must always remember them.  The army band did a couple of songs from World War 1.  The sun was shining for all the soldiers who had lost the lives and are those who are still fighting.  It was really moving.”


Afterwards we went for High Tea in the Town Hall.  Patrick Burke Self Advocate Representative said “I’t’s been a wonderful day.  I got to meet the Lord Mayor of Liverpool Erica Kemp and she was a lovely lady. ”  Lisa said “Roz Gladden gave a speech about how we need to remember the sacrifice people made and how the weekend had been a success.  It was great to meet so many people and have such a nice time.”

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