2nd September 2014 – DS Vaughan came to talk to the Liverpool Group about Hate Crime

A BIG “THANK YOU” to Detective Sergeant Christian Vaughan for coming to speak to the group about Disability Hate Crime.    We have done lots of work with the police in the past and it was great to meet Christian.  He reminded us that a disability hate crime is:

1. Any incident which is a criminal offence

2. Perceived by the victim or any other person

3. Motivated by a hostility of prejudice based on a person’s disability or perceived disability



He reminded us that examples of a disability hate crime are:

Being hit

Being called names

Being bullied

Offensive graffiti

Having your property damaged or stolen

Just because you have a disability 

Christian told us that the Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy takes any hate crime very seriously and it is really important to report it.

Christian told us that to report a hate crime we can:

– 999

– 101

– Emergency SMS- You will need to register your mobile phone before using the emergency SMS Service. Click on Registering Your Phone on the Merseyside Police website

– At a Police Station

– By telephone to SIGMA units

– 3rd Party Reporting- Stop Hate UK, True Vision, Local Authorities, Victim Support, 3rd party reporting centres, such as hospitals, fire stations

– Crime Stoppers


It was really interesting and informative and we will keep working to stop hate crime.


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