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On Tuesday 15th July Joan Bennett from Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) came to talk about Telecare. Joan explained there are lots of different types of technology to help people.
We watched a video of the Smarthouse and it told us lots of things about the different technology you can have.

There are lots of things that can help people to live safely and more independently. Things like:

At the front door:
• a key safe where you can keep your keys.
• a fingerprint or code entry lock to get in your home
• a camera so you can see who is at the door.

In the kitchen:
• The one cup kettle so you don’t have to lift a heavy hot kettle
• A talking microwave,
• Prompts for cooking
• A hob that only works when the pan is on it
one cup kettle
There are lots of different things that can make life easier.
• Medication dispenser
• If there is movement/no movement in the room
• An epilepsy sensor
• The bed occupancy sensor – which can turn the light on if you get out of bed
• Vibrating pillow alert – if any of the sensors are activated
• Sensors to detect flooding
• Magiplug – you put it in your bath. It is a plug. If the water gets too hot it changes colour. If you forget to turn the water off it lets water out for you – it means you can never flood the bathroom
For more information look at the website www.moreindependent.co.uk

Everyone thought today had been excellent and thanked Joan for coming.

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