Visit to Marsh Lane police station 2014

Jenny Currie from Police Crime Commissioning Office arranged a visit to Marsh Lane police station for members in Sefton to see what happens when people have done a crime, or how to report something you have seen, which gave us more of an idea of what happens.
We were introduced to a police constable called PC Jo who showed us around and first she introduced one of her colleagues Debbie who is a civilian officer on the reception and she explained that when people are brought in some people can get quite violent and that is why that on the reception they have safety glass for the police protecion.

Then we were shown the police lockers and what they store in them, on this ocassion they store their walky talkies and charger where they can charge them just like a mobile phone. We then saw what headgear police wear when on duty, we were told when they are driving they wear a flat cap and when they are on the beat they wear a hard hat.

PC Jo then showed us a police cell and what is like inside and how they are treated, some cells have toilets, some don’t, this is because if there is no toilet due to some people may bring drugs and they have to be watched, each cell has a bed, pillow and blanket.
We were introduce to (Maam) Karen Campbell who is the Chief Inspecter and she deals with everything. Then we saw CID David Rooney who deals with the really important and serious things, he even brought forward that even when off duty he carrys with him at all time a warrant card so if something happens he can make an arrest.
And finally we all had the priviledge to sit inside a police van get locked up inside and even have a go on the police siren.





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