People First Merseyside awarded PQASSO

In April 2014 People First Merseyside were awarded PQASSO level 1. PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for small Organisations) is a quality standard mark by the Charities Evaluation Service that tells everyone that we are good organisation and meets the required standards in the following areas:
* Planning
* Governance
* Leadership and Management
* User-centred service
* Managing People
* Leading and Development
* Managing Money
* Managing Resources
* Communications and promotion
* Working with others
* Monitoring and Evaluation
* Results.

To achieve PQASSO People First Merseyside had to invite an external assessor in to review the work of the organisation. Dr Sue Newberry was our assessor and she met with a range of people in the organisation including: Directors, Members, Paid workers and volunteers. After the site visit in January Sue was able to tell us that out over 100 indicators there were only 3 that we needed to improve and an implement actions.

In February and March our Board of Directors made sure that all of the actions were completed with evidence then sent onto Sue to add to her final report.

In April 2014, we received our certificate and the PQASSO logos that we can now use on all of our documents. “We are really proud of this award, it is the result of over 2 years hard work, it shows everyone we work with that we are an excellent organisation.”

People First Merseyside were able to achieve this award as a result of funding from the DPULO Facilitation Fund. We applied for money from them for our ATLAS (Action Towards Longevity and Sustainability) project. We are delighted that this fund was able to support us in achieving such an important award.

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