People First Merseyside are working hard to obtain PQASSO level 1. PQASSO is a quality standard mark (a bit like a hotel star rating) that will tell people about the standards we work to.

We have been working on the self assessment part of the process. To do this we have held 2 PQASSO days for our members to find out what they think, know and understadn about People First Merseyside.

On the first PQASSO day we asked people what they knew about our:
* Board of Directors,
* The work the organisation does
* The meeings and activities we are involved in
* How professional we are
* The organisations we work in partenership with and
* The messages we want to give to others about People First Merseyside.

On the second PQASSO day we asked people about:
* Our Committee
* Where they go to get information
* The skills they learn at People First Merseyside
* The difference People First Merseyside makes in thier lives.

We have also been asking other people who we work with; family carers, providers, Local Authorities etc for feedback about People First Merseyide.

We have put a lot of hard work into the PQASSO process. We will be meeting with the PQASSO evaluators in January.

If you would like to get in touch and have a say about People First Merseyside for the PQASSO process you can call Gary on 0151 329 2137

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