Rebecca Ferguson, My Health Story

Before I went on the health champions course I didn’t know much about health issues . I knew a little bit about healthy eating but not much.

I enjoyed going on the course. I liked learning about different health issues. I also liked meeting new people and new friends, trying new things.

I liked Cooking and hygiene and going to different venues in Southport, Netherton, Bootle and being on time for the health course.

I enjoyed making wraps putting different fillings in wraps and making smoothies putting in fruit .

•I have learnt about hygiene about keeping yourself clean using different things, for example using hand wash and toothpaste to clean your teeth and shampoo to wash your hair, to keep it clean.

•I have also learnt about healthy eating and cooking. I now know about food labelling. It tells me how much salt is in food.

•Doing exercises to keep yourself healthy. I also learnt about Health checks how often you have them. You have them once a year.

•The Mental health session taught me about about different moods and how it can also affect your physical health. I really enjoyed the emotions game. The group split into pairs to match different moods such as, sad, happy, nervous, frightened with different scenarios.

The most interesting thing I have learned was about the 5 ways to well being. It is interesting to learn about being active and walking.
The 5 ways to well being include;
Connecting. This about talking to people, for example making friends and giving birthday cards.
Taking notice is about reading information and looking at beautiful scenery.
Keep learning is about reading and doing courses like this one.

The health course has made difference to my health by making me eat more healthy. I now eat more fruit and now drink juice, instead of fizzy drinks.

I now do more exercise, for example I walk more and go to wheels for all. I bought new wii games for the wii. They are called ‘ my fitness coach and bloc party’. I am losing a bit of weight due to changes in my diet and Drinking more water.

I would like the doctor to me give an easy read prescription for tablets, instead of prescription with small boxes to tick.
Also I would like shorter waiting times and more health information and drinking fountains. I would like people to use easy to understand words

The most important messages I would like to tell you about are;

1. Cancer awareness , If you’re worried Get yourself checked by your GP
2. Alcohol, Have at least 2 alcohol free days per week
3. Hygiene, Everyone should shower or bath every day

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