Paul Walsh, My Health Story

Before I came on the Health Champions course, I knew about healthy eating and going for walks, but I did not really know why these were good for you. I knew a little bit about YOGA but not much. I didn’t know anything about mental health. I didn’t know about the 5 ways to well being and the ways to keep my mind healthy.

I had seen the exercise machines in the park, but didn’t have the confidence to use them.
I really enjoyed the course and I learnt a lot of new things things about Health.
I liked the alcohol session doing the beer goggles and skittles exercise, because it showed me what the effects of drinking to much alcohol can do.
I enjoyed doing more exercise, for example, I came to the course on my bike.
I enjoyed the parts of the course when we talked to each other and discussed different things.for example:

• I enjoyed learning how to make smoothies and wraps as part of the healthy eating session, because its something I can now do myself

• I also learnt about effective hand washing. This was part of the hygiene session. I learnt how to wash my hands and fingers right down to my thumbs. We had a practice session putting germs on our hands and washing them properly. We then checked to see if they’d gone with the light. We all got a certificate afterwards.

• I learnt a lot about smoking using the Easy Read booklet and how it is bad for your health. Smoking can also make your teeth turn yellow.

The most interesting things I learnt were about Personal hygiene and how to look after you teeth. I learnt how to brush my teeth properly and how to keep my mouth clean.

I think this course has made a difference to my Health. I now do more exercise and ride my bike a lot more. I have gone out on the walking group with other health champions. I have been doing more exercises at home. I feel fit now. I am now drinking more water than before the course. I was a bit nervous before I started on this course, but as time has gone on I have felt more relaxed and able to speak as part of the group. I was asked to speak at People First AGM and at the Road shows. This is a first for me.

I think that any health information should be clearer and easier to understand. I would like to be given more information about health and in a way that’s easy to understand. An example is the booklet we were given about smoking in Easy Read

Key messages I would like to tell you about are:
• To stop smoking, think about how much money you could save. Think about what to spend it on once you give up.
• You should have a health passport
• Wear a minimum of factor 15 suncream to prevent skin cancer

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