Michael Reid, My Health Story

Before The Health First project started I had no idea about Health or what is going on in my body.
Then People First in Sefton told me and the members that they were going to start a Health First project and asked would I be interested.

I thought about it and decided that it sounded interesting and a challenge, although I had no idea of what was going to happen.

I have achieved and learnt a great deal . There was a lot to take in and I now know much more now than I did before.

Now that the Health First Training has finished I am now a Health Champion and I feel chuffed and proud with myself of what I have achieved.

I have really enjoyed the course, the reason why is because it gave me the chance to learn about health and meet new friends .

I liked listen to the people who spoke to us and all the new things they told us

Some of the things I have learnt are are :
• Personal hygiene, everyone should wear clean clothes everyday and look smart.
• Health cooking and labelling foods with a high fat and sugar content should be eaten in small amounts. Always read the label
• Alcohol . Men should not drink more than 3-4 units a day
• Oral health. Brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes.

One of the interesting things that I learnt was when we had the dental health session at Goddard Hall.I learnt a lot about healthy teeth and how to look after them. They showed models of what happens when you don’t look after your teeth and they end up rotting.

The most interesting thing that I learnt was when we were told about yoga. We were told that yoga was good as it involved stretching . This is good for the joints. It is also relaxing so it is good for the mind and it is exercise which is good for your body

I am quite an active person anyway and I have tried to continue walking about 2 hours each day.
I have always tried to eat healthy, but the course has helped me try new things such as different fish and salads.
I have managed to lose some weight on the course too.
Sometimes the doctors or nurses do not look at me when I go to see them and this really annoys me.
I have to take support with me, but if the information was in an accessible format for example picture messages , that would make it easier for me

My key Messages would be:
• Foods with a high fat and sugar and low fat salads content should be eaten in small amounts. Always read the label.
• Men should not drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol each day.
• Everyone should wear clean clothes every day and look smart.

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