Lesley Curran, My Health Story

I didn’t know much about health before I started this the course.

I really enjoyed the course and getting involved and learning new things. I enjoyed the beer goggles most of all and trying to play skittles with them, it felt funny wearing them and I can’t wait to tell people about it.

I really enjoyed the cookery and I learnt to grate my cheese on the smaller side to use less. I enjoyed making the wraps and I make these at home now and I put tuna and lettuce in mine and roll them up.

I’ve brought an electric toothbrush since the hygiene session.

In the smoking sessions I learnt that smoking blocks your arteries. I already knew that it made your clothes smell and was bad for you and cost lots of money.

When I go shopping I take the food labelling card we were given to work out the sugars, fat and salt in food in the supermarket. I ask the staff to help me if I’m not sure.

I enjoyed the walking and yoga and we have set up a Monday Afternoon Walking Group that I am part of and I do yoga in the house.

I learnt that cancer is when your body produces too many cells. The one thing you can do to reduce your risk of cancer is to stop smoking.

I’ve learnt that you need to clean your gums when your brushing your teeth and the toothpaste they gave us had fluoride in and this helps our teeth.

I have tried to improve my health
• I now wash my hands in the way I was shown.
• I’ve using the finer side of the grater and using less cheese in my meals.
• We tried different healthy food at lunchtimes on the course and since then I have been eating weight watcher yoghurts.
• I’m eating 2 apples a day.
• I’ve cooked jacket potato for the first time in my home, the first time was a bit of a disaster as I didn’t cook it long enough but since then it’s been fine. I’ve had it with a little bit of cheese, one with tuna and next time I’m going to try beans.
• Each night I’m doing yoga.

The messages I would like to say to you are;
• Everyone should wear clean clothes every day and look smart
• Eat different food groups for a healthy diet
• Women can drink 2-3 units a day. 1 pint of beer is 2 units.

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