Cheryl Green, My Health Story

Before the course I had done lots of work around health at the Bowersdale. Frank from Bowersdale thought it would be really good for me to become a health champion so that I could share my experiences with other people.

I enjoyed everything about the course. The thing I enjoyed most was playing skittles in the beer goggles. It was good because we all got to have a go and it made me feel like I’d had a drink. I threw the ball and it went nowhere near the skittles. It was dead funny.

I learnt lots of things on the course, for example.

Food labelling – when I’m out shopping I look at the labels and I know that red is high, amber is medium and green is low and I buy things that are low in fat, sugar and salt.

I’ve learnt about the 5 ways to health and wellbeing
1. Be active – I’m very active I go on healthy walks, swimming and zumba
2. Connect – I’ve really good at staying in touch with my friends and family, ringing, texting and meeting up
3. Take notice –I notice things about people, when they have their hair done, wear a new outfit and pay a compliment.
4. Keep learning – I’m always learning – that was why I wanted to be a health champion.
5. Give – people tell me I’m lovely because I’m thoughtful and I always give hugs, say thanks and give cards to say thank you.

The most interesting thing I learnt was making wraps. I tried the mackerel and it was vile. I make wraps at home now with ham and salad and I’ve found brown wraps in the shops that I use.

This course has made me a lot healthier. I’m doing more things – I’ve joined the Monday afternoon walking group, I wash my hands differently – in the way we were shown.

I now put more veg on my plate, about 1/3 of a plateful. I used to put salt on my food now I don’t put any on – I only put pepper on my food now.

On the mindfulness session we were shown an app on our phones called the QRreader and you scan a QR code you get meditation music and I do this before i go to sleep sometimes before I go to sleep.

I’d like the professionals to listen more and I’d like to get more information in easy read

The messages I would like leave you with are;

• Bad physical health can have a bad affect on your mental wellbeing. This can mean you get worried or depressed

• Condoms protect you from diseases and having babies

• Adults should exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 times a week

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