Health First Roadshow

On Monday 7th October 2013 the Health First Champions did their first Roadshow at the Bridge Inn Farm, Maghull.

Lesley Curran said “I got involved with the Roadshow because I am a Health Champion on the project. I have been learning all about different health issues like; alcohol, hygiene, healthy eating, food labelling and many other things. Our first roadshow was for 15 people who go to the Bridge Inn Farm. We demonstrated the effects of aclohol by using ‘beer goggles’ and asking people to try and play skittles, everyone found it really hard to play the game when they had the beer goggles on.
We talked about how many calories there are in different types of food like bars of chocoalte and cans of drink.
Michael, Phil and I each gave a presentation about our health stories and what we have learnt by becoming a health champpion.
The talk went rreally well and I really enjoyed it”.

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