Gala Dinner in Blackpool

On Thursday 26th September 2013 a group of us from People First Merseyside went to a gala dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Blackpool. The event was to raise money for the NOrth West Regional Self Advocates conference in February 2014. We met up in town and and set off for Blackpool, we filled a minibus and a car!

The room in the Hilton was lovely, thre were lots of raffles and quizzes to do. We filled more than 2 tables at the event.
We had a 3 course meal; soup to start, chicken or fish for the main course with cheesecake or apple pie for dessert.

After dinner Laurence Clarke did a comedy routine, it was really funny. When Laurence finished the raffle prizes were drawn. Lots of people from our group won prizes.

The disco started once everyone had finished their meals and the prizes had been given out. We had a great time, everyone was dancing together. We stayed right to the end of the night. It was really late when we got home because we had to drop people off at home in the mini bus but we all had a fantastic time. At the end of the night the gala dinner had raised over £2,000 towards the North West Regional conference.

MB ¬†said “I suddenly feel more excited more than ever to go to Blackpool because I love how I can cope with respect to all and willing to go to attend the conference in February. It was truly enjoyable.”

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